Symonite 'FR Ultra'    (non-combustible)




Capitalising on our unique ability to laminate panels using fibre reinforced phenolic, Symonite FR Ultra panels are manufactured using a solid core aluminium layered with phenolic on either side. These layers are then finished with a decorative coloured aluminium surface available on either one side or two. Symonite FR Ultra is deemed non-combustible by the BCA. C1.12 and can be used anywhere a non-combustible material is required. Symonite FR Ultra can be fabricated using traditional techniques or can be integrated with the Smartfix® fixing system doing away with silicone joints. 


Symonite 'HD'   (group 3)

Symonite HD is manufactured using a Heavy Duty fibre reinforced phenolic core finished with a decorative coloured aluminium surface available on either one side or two. The phenolic core performs exceptionally well in considering impact resistance and wind load performance. 



Symonite 'True Anodised'

'True Anodising' is a third party process in which chemical baths are used to treat the surface of aluminium. The aluminium receives an electrical charge that will increase the thickness of the oxide layer making it harder and more resistant to abrasion and corrosion. This layer integrates as part of the aluminium rather than an applied paint surface.  The finished look is a bespoke metallic façade that embellishes your project.

Symonite HD and Symonite FR Ultra are the only aluminium composite panels able to be fully anodised locally specifically to your requirements.




Fabrication Services


With state of the art machinery and a wealth of experience, let us take the hassle out of fabricating panels.
Simply supply drawings and we can arrange fabrication and supply Symonite panels ready for assembly.

Its that easy!



Symonite redundant inventory 

Symonite has limited stock of discontinued and damaged stock. 

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